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Finding Time to Write… February 5, 2008

Posted by shannonmuir in Advice.

I’d love to say there’s an easy solution for this, especially for those of us who also juggle a full-time day job.  But there really isn’t one.  Many articles advise setting aside a dedicated time each day, which frankly I’d love to do but with the reality of having to be up out of bed and out the door in time to make the morning commute and then not always being able to leave work at the same time each day affecting what time I get home… well, you get the idea.  Then, even with the assistance of digital recording devices or even your trusty old videocassette recorder, shows on TV can be captured for later but sometimes after a long day’s work you just want to watch it NOW.

 Or, perhaps you work that regular schedule and always set aside a time to work.  Creativity, in my experience, doesn’t seem to operate like clockwork. 

 What I wind up doing is writing when I feel bursts to do so, as long as it’s appropriate (i.e. while not on the clock at work).  Whether it’s out at lunch, at home, in the park, I always take something to write on with me.  Then I take those transcriptions and flesh them out when I get home.  Overall, I’ve found I get more done that way and don’t lose my best flashes of inspiration to feeling like “I need to keep a schedule”.



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