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So Who is the Blogger with the Animated Insights? August 13, 2011

Posted by shannonmuir in Advice, Mentorship.

It dawned on me that while I have an “About” tab for those willing to dig for information, that many people may just browse through this blog without really taking much of a look at it.  While it paints a great picture of my larger mission and goals, it may not give the best picture of who the person behind all of this is.  So this post is to introduce (or re-introduce) you to me and what I’m about.

I’ve been writing professionally in one form or another since 2000 when I first got paid for a monthly column geared for writers and other non-artists (people who can’t draw) in the animation industry that ran at Suite101.com.  Later I would move on and do similar work for Digital Media FX at the digitalmediafx.com website.  In both of those cases, I held a regular day job while doing the columns.  Later finding myself unemployed, I released a variety of one off articles and flash fiction while doing temp work. During graduate school, the opportunity came my way to be one of two “Western” writers for an animated series produced in Japan.  After graduate school and transitioning into a temp-to-perm job, my buildup of credits writing about animation as well as writing for animation earned me the opportunity to write not one, but two, textbooks about the business I’d come to love.  This brings us to 2011, with me starting to go into the venture of independent publishing and as of this posting between jobs again.  That’s not even counting the last ten years I’ve spent as co-author of the webcomic FLYING GLORY AND THE HOUNDS OF GLORY at http://www.flying-glory.com as a unpaid investment with hopes to turn the property into more.

Except in a way, I’ve always had a job.  Writer.  Some points it has been noticed more than others, but it’s always been there, definitely in the lst decade. 

It goes back farther than 2000 though.  I first started getting interested in writing poetry and short stories in late elementary school, mainly thanks to a great teacher who insisted we try to use all twenty spelling words in a story every week and read the best ones to the class.  When the teacher often read my stories, especially when I was not well liked and don’t have a lot of friends, I got a clue that perhaps there might be something more to this.  Somehow not much later I got interested in animation, though I couldn’t draw, and got it in my head you didn’t need to be able to draw to write animation (to this day I don’t know how I knew that).  Though persistence and perserverance,  I made contact with my first professional writer 25 years ago, and started educating myself to take writing – writing in Hollywood in particular – seriously.  I also kept working on the more “traditional” poetry and stories that got me started.  15 years ago I moved to Los Angeles, where I’ve seen the various methods for storytelling grow and evolve and tried to learn as best I can to adapt to new formats and times.  Some things like game cutscenes and dialogue writing (which is vastly different from level design) I have yet to try my hand at and would love to.

I’ve been around and learned a lot.  It’s my hope to share that knowledge, along with various reflections on things I have about the writing and animation life, as part of this blog.  Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you stick around.



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