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The Making of an e-Book Only Title August 29, 2011

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This coming Labor Day weekend, my new short/story anthology title SEARCH FOR A WOMAN will be available as part of the first ever Indie Book Blowout, which will feature my new 99 cent title alongside other titles reduced to 99 cents for this event that normally run $2.99 and higher. They will also have a giveaway for a brand new Kindle and up to $100 in gift cards.

I was already contemplating a 99 cent sampler offering even before I heard about this event, but when I found out I really ramped up my efforts to get ready.  In looking through a lot of my older works from my college years, and some things I’d done off and on when I was in a series of very busy day jobs, I saw the woman and search for identity as a common theme that made sense for an anthology. The tough choice I would need to make was, did I want to offer SEARCH FOR A WOMAN in e-book only, particularly because I personally still have a strong love of paper books.  One thing I wanted this anthology to be, besides a cheap investment for those willing to support me and take a chance, would be to be able to have the flexibility to easily give it away in promotions.  With the publisher I chose, I can make 100% off coupons and have people redeem those for free books while easily tracking redemption.  I decided this fit in with what I wanted to do and chose this route.  As I said, it still odd saying “you can only find it online” and really truly mean online versus just purchasing a paper book from an online retailer.  It will take some getting used to for me.

I highly encourage you to check out the Indie Book Blowout September 2-5 and pick up my title as well as support other independent authors!



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