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To Research, Perhaps to Dream… September 19, 2011

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Somehow playing on the Shakespeare line seemed to fit with this to creat a title.

I came to a point in a idea I’d started writing at San Diego Comic-Con where I knew I wanted the character to visit a resort setup. Personally, I hadn’t done that since I was a kid and the military moved us to Hawaii – my introduction to Oahu was the Hilton Hawaiian Village (with the kids arts and crafts activities and all that – still have the hula girl vase I won for Best Decorated Pineapple – go me). Also, certain personal circumstances had me desperately craving another getaway. So when a fall sale presented an opportunity I jumped at something I wouldn’t normally do.

Even though I live a county away, I spent a night at the Disneyland Hotel this past weekend.

Despite being under renovation in parts, the Disneyland Hotel still was easy to get around. My fiance’ and sometimes co-writer Kevin Paul Shaw Broden (who lives down the road so didn’t stay with me) spent a few hours in Downtown Disney, including a leisurely business meeting dinner at the Rainforest Cafe. We checked out all the resort specific TV channels. And by good chance, I ended up in a suite facing the fireworks so we could watch the fireworks complete with audio soundtrack from the resort channel. It was fun and romantic. After Kevin went home, I spent an hour writing my ebook manuscript incorporating and at times even embellishing my experiences of the day into the events of my character to keep my story going.

After a good six hours of sleep, and experiencing my first automated hotel wake up call (interesting experience in general, character theme aside), I took note of how breakfast was handled at the resort. Then I observed people in the lobby a while before getting picked up. This morning I wrote the couple of paragraphs that utilize what I learned from the Sunday morning portion of my stay

It was a good relaxing short break in the middle of my crazy life, that also helped me bring a story to write. Now back to work!



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