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Sample Sunday – Faythe Reborn October 16, 2011

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Sample Sunday is the brainchild of Kindle Author, where people share excerpts or sometimes complete short stories on a blog. I share complete short pieces on my Goodreads but thought I would try sharing an excerpt on this blog and see how it works. Feel free to comment. If it goes well I might try this again in future…

Faythe shuffled her feet as she rang the doorbell a second time. Asking around town people said her mother still lived here. Faythe actually began to wonder if her mother was all right. So much time lapsed and not many people saw or heard of her these days.

Finally, the door opened. It wasn’t her mother at the door though, but one of her triplet half-sibling sisters. The triplets were about 18, the age she made the choice to leave the town behind forever.

It had been so long she couldn’t tell which one answered the door, even though the girls were fraternal, but it didn’t take long for the other to recognize her.

“Damn, Faythe, it’s been forever!”

“No fair you recognize me but I can’t figure you out,” Faythe replied.

“Dublina,” the curly haired brunette replied ever so cocky. “Scotti and London are out right now.”

Faythe still cringed at the names. The girls’ deadbeat father hightailed it back to Europe once the money started running out.

“I should have guessed. You always were the least social one, Dublina. And the underachiever.”

“And what would you know about my life, or any of our lives? You got up and left us! Refusing to friend us on networking sites, and a rare email if we were lucky. Now look at you!”

Faythe shied away.

“A lot’s happened. I came to see Mom. I need to talk to her.”

Dublina crossed her arms.

“Who says she’ll even see you?”

“Please, Dublina, go ask her.”

“Ask her what?” came an old tired voice I recognized instantly. My mother, hunched over and skin pale from staying indoors, stepped into view. She’d lost a great deal of weight.

“Faythe?” Her mother said surprised. “What are you doing here?”

“I wanted to see you,” Faythe told her.

“After all this time? Why should I waste any of my own precious time with you? The minutes are ticking away for me.”

Faythe’s mother started to head back into the house.

“I may not have much time,” Faythe cried back, pleading for her mother to stay. “Please, Mother, please talk to me.”

Faythe’s mother paused.

“You said the minutes are ticking away for you, Mother. What do you mean?”

“I shouldn’t have to defend myself to you!” her mother snapped back. “I made some poor choices and choices have consequences.”

Faythe processed this a long moment.

“You’re dying of AIDS,” she finally said quietly.

“Congratulations, got it in one. Don’t shed tears for me. Just go.”

“Mother,” pleaded Faythe again. “I can’t leave you like this. I can’t leave us like this.”

“Sheesh, Faythe, are you deaf?” Dublina shouted at her sister. “Mom said take a hike.”

“Mom isn’t the only one dying here. I have cancer.”

There, she’d said it. This definitely wasn’t the nice friendly way Faythe planned to try and thaw out the iceberg that became her family over the years. Right now they needed one another more than ever.

Copyright 2011 Shannon Muir. All rights reserved.



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