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Doing Interviews As An Author October 17, 2011

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The last couple days proved an interesting experience for me, as I did several author interviews by email. One received publication so far over at Indie Writer Zone’s Indie Insider, and the other still is forthcoming. Years back, I interviewed professionals in the animation field as part of a regular column I did over at a site called Digital Media FX, where I gave people insight into the varied careers involved for people in animation who did not draw. This came from the fact that I myself, while very much in love with the medium of animation growing up, wasn’t really aware of all the opportunities people who didn’t draw could have provided they had the needed skillset. I knew there could be writers somehow (to this day, not really sure how, as that interest began in the mid 1980s before the prevalance of all the “making of” featurettes and information on the Internet), but I didn’t know what else lay out there. When I moved to Los Angeles in 1996, the first job I worked was as an animation Production Assistant on JUMANJI: THE ANIMATED SERIES. Then I saw the whole pipeline and the possibilities, and my view changed a bit over time.

So here I am in 2011, now finding myself on the other side of the interview. I will say that my respect for the people I interviewed certainly went up doing this experience. The first interview I sent off I think answers the questions all right, but that person likes to send out a lot of Twitter snippets with his quotes and in hindsight I’m not sure I’m all that “Twitter byte” quotable. My college training is in Radio-TV as well as English, so I definitely know what that is. If you’ve ever talked to me in person, short and to the point sometimes isn’t my strong suit. The Indie Insider interview asked questions that lent themselves to longer answers and I responded accordingly. I did see Indie Writers Zone actually pull some quotes out of that interview for Facebook, which surprised me that they were able to; I liked the selections.

 Some of the questions really made me have to stop and think, and I needed to keep in mind though the questions asked about me in specific, if I read the article just starting out today what would I really want to know and potentially apply to my own situation. You need to be careful and say potentially because in doing interviews or columns or commentary such as these, you must remember your audience will be at varied stages in the career track and one size does not in fact fit all. The trick comes that your readers must remember too.

These interviews came about because I wrote letters to the people introducing myself, providing links to my various books, and in most cases taking the tact “if you believe I am appropriate please contact me about the book(s) you would like to cover”. I left the control in the hands of the sites. After all, right now I am more interested in just making myself known that just any specific title on my backlist, and that might mean one ebook connects with one niche while a different title resonates with another. With future titles, I’ll definitely be focused on making a campaign around that specific ebook. Right now, being new to the indie game (though not the writing game), I’m just pleased with any opportunity to introduce myself.

If you’ve got a site that does author interviews and you believe my background may be a fit in some way, this is an open invitation to get in touch. Ebook publicity aside, I love mentoring and “paying it forward”. I’d be happy to help in any way I can.



1. H.E. ELLIS - October 17, 2011

I doing something that’s basically like that, but it’s very informal. If you’re interested go here:


This explains how it got started. From there you can follow the other SPaM posts in the post column and see if this is anything that might interest you.

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