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Sample Sunday – The Weight of a World October 23, 2011

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The following is a sketch for a start of a story I embarked on and never got back to. If there’s interest perhaps I might pursue it further…

“How do you feel?” a female voice asked.

She looked at herself in the virtual mirror.

“Too small,” she told the folks running the controls. “I told you I want to push the limits of this thing.  How can we fully test virtual appreciation of the female form otherwise?”

“I don’t find this attractive at all,” she heard a male voice say.

“You’re not the test subjects, silly,” she reminded the assistants on the other side.  “We’re testing regular user perceptions, not a bunch of biased scientists.  Now blow up this avatar so she’s big, interesting, but not naughty, and keep the clothes revealing.”

A mirror of sorts appeared in the all white rooms.  A pear shaped, average weight avatar appeared in its view.

Behind it all, Liana – herself a brilliant minded petite woman – worked as the brainchild behind this full body virtual reality experience. The idea behind it lay similar to a dressing room where women tried clothes on. The key was they wouldn’t do it as themselves. If they wanted to model fashion and do it pretending to be someone else, they could. That said, it’s not like they could call up any celebrity he or she dreamed of being – not unless that celebrity paid for their likeness to be used in the program. Marketing for this stuff was tricky business these days.

Liana got into playing with this technology because as a smart, young, tiny woman she went rarely noticed. While she couldn’t change easily her social status, she could invent ways to get lost in another world so that Liana could leave the dull one behind her. At least in the world she built now, no one would judge her regardless of her looks.

Pixels don’t have feelings, after all.



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