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On Releasing a New Book – THE HEART’S DUTY October 24, 2011

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When I wrote last week I talked about interviewing as an author. I got two sites to respond to me and conduct email interviews that have since been posted – Indie Writers Zone Indie Insider (http://bit.ly/o55d9Q) and now also an interview with Kindle Author (http://bit.ly/nWjE95). I am glad for their fast response, and they asked to focus on some material I already had up, so I did. What I didn’t know is that my next ebook would end up fast tracking a little more than I’d planned.

In the Indie Insider interview I mention that I want to work beta readers more into my process. At the time of the interview, there were still a couple ebooks in the pipeline and all of them I feel I can consider taking a risk of going without beta readers, and one of them I in fact has as it is now released in some markets. My latest one, THE HEART’S DUTY, needed to be wrapped in time for a promotional opportunity you’ll hear about soon. I already knew this one would not use beta readers but didn’t mention it in the interview, so as not to spoil the upcoming release. I just didn’t now how soon upcoming would be upcoming, or I might have asked to delay the interview a couple weeks.

So why did I feel I could skip beta readers with THE HEART’S DUTY? It’s unusual in that at least a large chunk of it, three chapters worth, previously appeared on the site Goodreads as a mini-chapter story and evolved into chapters Six through Nine of the new book. I got feedback and a sense of interest (albeit few readers spoke up, there was an eagerness to read more) from this, and ran with it from there. While there would be benefit in seeing how readers like the flow of the complete text, my core premise at least was previewed at this point. THE HEART’S DUTY is currently available on Smashwords (to be made available to all retailers they currently ship to pending approval) and should be available on Kindle by end of day though a listing is already up if you search it.

There are still a couple stories in the pipeline that I don’t feel as urgent a need for beta readers for content,  most because they will be adaptations of stories that originally were written and workshopped in screenplay form during my UCLA Extension studies years earlier. Mainly these will need proofing as they go from screenplay to prose, and I’m somewhat confident at my ability to do that, but will probably reach out to a couple people to be an extra set of eyes. Since the content on these stories already received group scrutiny, that’s less important to me – and will allow me after nearly a decade to tell some stories I really enjoyed doing but don’t have an outlet to sell. Maybe I can get lucky and someone will want to adapt into a screenplay and I can already offer one. You never know.

There’s also one more value priced anthology in the works like SEARCH FOR A WOMAN: AN ANTHOLOGY OF STORIES AND POEMS LOOKING AT WOMEN FROM ALL WALKS OF LIFE, but around a different theme. Again, a lot of its content has been vetted in the past in workshops so getting checked for content is of lesser priority. It’s relatively close to done, I’m just assembling it on the side. The full length stories are top priority for me.

All other projects in the pipeline are “totally fresh” and those ones I plan to get the full treatment.

Back to the writing – there’s more tales to tell!



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