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Sample Sunday – Fun and Games October 30, 2011

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I’m working on another value priced anthology with themes relating to childhood in various ways. One of the stories in process is set around Halloween, so to note it officially coming up on Monday here in the U.S., I thought I would post the opening here for Sample Sunday.  Please enjoy the start of “Fun and Games”. Would be interested in feedback, if you like. Comments are always welcome.

Costumes don’t do much for me. I never liked haunted houses. For that matter I never appreciated being scared, so Halloween never really got me excited. Probably because it means giving up control of your environment. I’m a control freak and painfully honest too.

So no you won’t see me decorate the house. My lights will be off to discourage little grubby hands to beg for candy. Not even after the year that came close to changing me for good.

“Come on,” pestered my cube neighbor Meg, or Nutty Meg as a lot of the office likes to think of her behind her back. All the energy of a cheerleader trying too hard to make the team. She’s forty years old, and I don’t think ever weighed in to realistically be considered for cheer leading, ever. “What are you coming as for the office Halloween party this year?”

“The Damsel in Distress,” I replied flatly.

“Now see here, there won’t be any of that this year! Venice is going to have her some fun for a chance.”

Yes that is me she was talking to. My name, in my parents’ infinite wisdom, is Venice – you know, as in Italy not California. They conceived me in Venice, after they got married there. My father’s the Italian one, born and raised there. He’s loud, boisterous, extravagant, all those sort of things.

I on the other hand am not loud or boisterous; I am very quiet. I act plain, simple and unassuming. My father doesn’t understand me. Even worse for him, he doesn’t have my mother to help interpret the ways of a young woman. My American born mother’s been in a coma for years after a gondola accident on a family trip back to Italy when I was young. I’ve never learned to swim and I hate the water.

I think seeing Mom with no control of her life made me a control freak.

Thankfully, lunchtime drew near so I’d be able to escape all this for a while. At that moment, though, I had Meg to contend with.

“Meg,” I insisted. “Large groups and parties aren’t my thing. You know that.”

“That’s because you need to work on making them that,” she said to me, all but pulling me out of my chair. “Venice, just live a little, girl!”

Why Meg thought she’d been nominated to be my savior I’ll never know.

So instead of a nice leisurely lunch I ended up at one of those temporary costume shops in what used to be a video store that’s been vacant for several years with Nutty Meg dragging me everywhere and yapping my ear off.

Meg held up some slutty nurse costume package up to my average figure.

“You should be daring, bold!”

I pushed it aside.

“It’s still the office party. I’ve got to show some taste!”

It’s not like I haven’t dated or been involved. Been careful not to have kids though. Women need to be responsible, though not all are I know. I’m too busy with a career to take care of another person, I need to totally be able to take care of me first. Choosing an appropriate costume is one aspect of that self-respect, or so I believe.

“This is more appropriate,” I said, picking up a comical, overblown office worker costume. Reminded me of one of those cute twisted anime things.

“At least you’re getting in the spirit now!” Nutty Meg said, slapping me on my back. “Let’s go ring that up!”

I had no idea what I was getting into.

Copyright 2011 Shannon Muir. All rights reserved. Please link to this blog but do not repost without permission



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