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The Power of an Honest Book Review January 4, 2012

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Finally, after a little while, I finally have a review for one of my books at Amazon. It’s the Kindle Edition of TOUCH THE STARS, which was on sale for the 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS. The person who posted the review was kind enough to email and talk to me in advance about the observations, and even at that point I just appreciated the feedback. Hearing from readers I firmly believe can help any writer improve. I thought that would be all I would hear from it, and even that was very appreciated.

New Year’s Day, I got an amazing present in the fact this reader also posted a review! That means a lot to me, not only in that people visiting the page can see that someone cared enough to post a review, but that someone who respects me but isn’t close to me personally was willing to share their thoughts. While I have asked my friends to “post reviews if they are able” I am never aggressive about it, particularly because they know me so well. The reviews I want to see are people who may have communicated with me but don’t know me as strongly, or impartial reviewers who don’t know me from a lot of other folks that cross the desk. That to me as a true test of how a book may or may not succeed. Also, of course, each different reader comes with a different perspective, so someone can really like a book and others not so much.

So if you got one of my titles – especially this is true of any of you who received free copies of THE HEART’S DUTY in November 2011 where I gave away over 80 copies – if you can take the time for a honest review too, that would be greatly appreciated, whether Amazon, Smashwords, or Goodreads. Even if it is 2 or 3 (or even 1!) stars. They don’t all have to be 4 or 5s if they’re not meant to me. The dialogue and feedback from readers to writer and other readers is the most valuable thing.

Hoping for a great 2012 for us all!

TOUCH THE STARS and THE HEART’S DUTY, along with other titles, are available around the globe at various ebook retailers.



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