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Setting Up a Roadmap for Independent Book Writing in 2012 January 9, 2012

Posted by shannonmuir in ebooks, editing, epub, fiction, indie, indie publishing, publishing, rewriting, self-publishing, Writing.

One of the things I’ve decided for 2012 is that I need to establish some sort of routine. I have a lot of manuscripts that just need completion and editing, and have for years. First it was just a lack of time. Now I’ve got the time and need to figure out how to manage it. I’ve been paid good money to do this to manage other people and their projects, but somehow with my own projects, this is not working out as successfully yet. Part of that I know is the reality I still need to look for full time work and anything I map out realistically could be blown out of the water in 2012.

All the same I decided to give this concept of a publication calendar a shot. So I set up an Excel file and then looked at the status of all the manuscripts I have around – many started but not completed in NaNoWriMo, some written or completed but not during that challenge, and a couple not started – and placed them in what seemed like a realistic pace to finish them. As of now, I may already be adjusting that as I was sick most of the first week of January and didn’t get the momentum on the projects I wanted. I totally am going into the idea that a publishing calendar is a guide to help me pick and prioritze but for a variety of reasons is not set in stone.

There are three major categories – writing, editing/revising, and publishing. My hope is to publish at least every other month. Let’s see how real that all turns out to be in the end. I’ll revisit it by the end of the year blogwise and let you know how my initial gameplan compared with the end result.



1. Novel Girl - January 9, 2012

Finishing a novel is the most satisfying feeling. With every draft of my WIP novel, I feel even more elation. “Maybe I can be published … If I keep revising, it might be good enough to submit to a publisher …”

I vote: promise yourself you’ll stick to a routine (once you figure out what that’ll be) and then you’ll be breaking your promise if you don’t finish your novel/s, not simply breaking a wish.

2. shannonmuir - January 9, 2012

Since I spent part of this last week sick, I feel like I’m already behind out the gate, honestly. The hard part is to not let such frustration way me down further. While setting up a schedule, I also have to allow it a little wiggle room and be ok with it. I’m a huge Type A personality who can be highly demanding of myself, which actually can be a hindrance as much as a help sometimes.

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