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How Reading and Reviewing Strengthens Writing January 16, 2012

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Early this year, I took up an offer to start reviewing books for SciYourFi, the science fiction and high fantasy arm of the Indie Book Collective’s streams of information about various genres. I’m finding this to be helpful to me in a number of ways, both for writing and just in general life. Reading the works of others makes me realize what I appreciate out of a good book and how I can strive for those in my own works. When I see an effective plot, theme, or setting it gets me thinking about why these work so well and if I could say the same about what i”m working on. Alternatively, when they don’t work as effectively, it makes me examine what missed the mark and things I should think about double checking for when I write.

Then there’s the added life benefits that I’m finding in reading books on a timeframe. Being out of work now for almost six months (it’ll be six months on Thursday), the structure and routine in my life hasn’t been all that stable while I look for full time work. Setting a schedule for books to be read and reviewed gives me deadlines and goals to work for. I am trying to instinstitute stricter writing guideline goals as well in order to keep myself motivated, engaged and active. If I find myself drained, I honestly believe it will come through as lesser quality work as a writer.

Reading and reviewing as mental health and wellness for the writer… an interesting thought.



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