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The Guest Blogging Experience January 23, 2012

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Yesterday I did my first guest blog post ever. The site, Your Need to Read, aims to bring writers and readers together. The parameters given to me were pretty wide – anything I felt I thought might interest readers. Since the Author Spotlight I’d done for them only mentioned my latest book (being able to do this guest post came as part of the Author Spotlight opportunity), the most natural course seemed to be to plug all my titles in around 500 words. This was exactly why I dismissed it, because that seemed to be what people would expect.

I saw offered to me a chance to introduce myself to a whole new audience, and tell them something about myself as an author. It seemed to me that if they better understood my approach to writing in general, it would encourage interest in finding out about all my titles – after all, I figured the readers would be smart enough to go look up my name at various stores and take action, and my Author Spotlight also provided some contact information. The only marketing related hint I provided was a link to a site about information for my upcoming next release to try and build some buzz, but it was not the primary focus of the piece.

Personally, I really like the way it turned out and think that guest blogging is a great opportunity. I haven’t seen any dramatic effects just one day later, but since guest blogging’s main thrust is word of mouth – people see something there they may not have known about an author, and then tell their friends either in social media or in person what they learned – my thought is that this venue could take several days at least to show any results back to an author. At the very least, it allows an author a voice to a potential audience that otherwise might not know about them and perhaps get them engaged in what the author has to offer.



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