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Sample Sunday – Willowbrook: Enough is Enough February 5, 2012

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Earlier this week I released my first book of the multi-book Willowbrook Saga, EVERYTHING  CHANGES, exclusively to Kindle as part of the KDP Select program.The Willowbrook Saga follows two girls who meet in the eighth grade and become best friends, through adulthood, and the struggles they face both for themselves and the people they interact with.

Many of Willowbrook’s residents have a history in the town even before the story opens. In EVERYTHING CHANGES, you meet the local grocery store owner Mr. Caldwell and his teenage sons Bill and Jack. However, there’s no sight of their mother. Here’s a glimpse into her world and why she doesn’t appear in EVERYTHING CHANGES – then find out what happens to her sons by getting the book at a value priced 99 cents USD or Free for Amazon Prime members for Kindle at Amazon.com!

Stephanie ducked as her husband threw a bottle at her. It missed her but shattered against the wall, the half consumed beer within now dripping down the white wall.

“Dammit, Saul. You’ll wake the boys,” she said, referring to their toddler age twin sons Bill and Jack.

“How do I even know they’re mine?” Saul slurred at his young wife Stephanie. “The way men fawn over you all the time. You think I don’t notice? What kind of trouble do you get into while I’m off working all the time slaving at the Market trying to make good for our family?”

“Seriously, you need to get a grip,” she said. Saul did have her personality pegged right; after all, she’d been cheating on someone else when she ended up with him, and in turn his children. Without her family to support her, she’d ended up married to Saul Caldwell who owned the local grocery store in Willowbrook. Sometimes she wished puberty hadn’t caught up with her and Stephanie stayed the geeky teen with glasses and braces. Beauty became most definitely her curse. “I have absolutely no reason to cheat on you. I need you and the boys need you. Why would I risk that?”

Saul grabbed Stephanie by the collar of her fashionable ruffled shirt.

“You better not be gaming me, or I know how to make all your lives miserable.”

Saul thrust Stephanie away from him, up against the wall.

“I’m going to bed, woman.”

Saul walked away and left her there. Stephanie felt glad she hadn’t landed on the broken glass from the beer bottle. She couldn’t take this anymore, no matter how desperate she was. Stephanie knew she needed to get away.

She wondered if she could do it and be able to take Bill and Jack with her as well. Saul did seem to genuinely feel pride in them, even with the occasional accusations about their paternity that always went forgotten when the alcohol wore off in the morning. Maybe they’d be all right if she just left them behind

Maybe she wouldn’t be able to succeed. Stephanie knew that if she left Saul, it would mean leaving Willowbrook behind her forever.

Copyright 2012 Shannon Muir. All rights reserved. Do not repost to other blogs without permission, but feel free to link to this blog.



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