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This past weekend (February 11th and 12th) was my first KDP Select promotion, where EVERYTHING CHANGES was offered for free. I chose the theme FALL IN LOVE WITH WILLOWBROOK FOR FREE since Valentine’s Day would be the following Tuesday.  I used my blog (without providing links anywhere else but Networked Blogs to Facebook), some direct mentions throughout the weekend on Facebook, and some heavy posting to Twitter, to let people know. Also, I know there are groups that collect lists of all the free books daily and post them in forums and I saw my book on some of those lists.

I was involved in an internet conversation within the last week or so about how the categories that we place ourselves in on Amazon are meaningless and that only overall sales numbers matter. There’s truth to that in some aspects certainly, but the thing about Amazon categories is that we as the writer choose the two places that we want to be perceived and prioritized, and in turn as part of a world with limitless “shelf space,” provide a guide to help people find our books.  Little did I know that when I decided to make one of my two classifications “family sagas” (which made sense given what I call the overall name of the set), I would find myself in the top 10 of the free books for that category for most of the weekend – I was there all of Saturday, and Sunday morning, reaching  as high as 7. Granted that’s 7 out of only 18 free books for the category, but when the midpoint of 18 is 9 and I got above that, and in fact stayed at 7 or 8 for most of that run, I’m still very happy with those results. It means I reached my target audience and they did respond, and in a category where many of these books are part of longer series (and which I plan to be as well).

Another great note is that this free promotion netted me my first download ever from Amazon Germany. In addition, to my surprise, I even sold one backlist item, so technically I did make money – not much – out of my free promotion.

Granted, now that I’ve turned back to a regular paid product, I have no sales rank at all since the charts are different, so I look like a brand new book fresh on the marketplace. But I can now say about this book how well it performed during the giveaway as part of its ‘pedigree’ if you will. I’m really really pleased with that, and need to figure out how most effectively to use my three remaining free days.

Now if only all the downloads translates into reads, word of mouth, and sales. Even one or two would help the momentum greatly. And if for some reason you missed this weekend, EVERYTHING CHANGES – as the first book of the series – will remain available at 99 cents for those who don’t have Amazon Prime to get access for free.

I had a lot of fun this weekend. Thanks everyone for the support.



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