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Sample Sunday: Willowbrook – New Beginnings February 19, 2012

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They’d told her this would be the perfect place to cover up her situation. Due to the school, Willowbrook contained a large population that came and went. She would blend in fine.

It all still made Victoria O’Fallon nervous.

She headed to “go to her sister’s,” literally, as the saying went – at least her sister’s hometown of Willowbrook. There wasn’t any room at the home her older sister Louise – married to high school coach Tom Kemp – shared with her family, but Louise made arrangements for her to stay at a room from the Hudson family. She’d reassured Victoria not to fear, and that these people would be sympathetic to her situation.

Victoria wasn’t sure what that meant. She wasn’t sure of a lot of things. Victoria thought the man she let into her life would marry her. He’d purchased her a lavish ring, and other gifts. Victoria responded by giving her body. After all, they intended marriage, so Victoria didn’t hold back.

Five months later, her family rushed to get their pregnant daughter out of town before anyone knew if they didn’t already suspect. The shyster turned out to be married and just looking for someone to put out because his wife wouldn’t. It would be shameful enough to admit the broken engagement, but an unplanned child would not do. Even though it was now 1981, the strides of women’s liberation hadn’t moved that much in Victoria’s family’s world.

Victoria drove past the WELCOME TO WILLOWBROOK city limits sign. She knew the address and the name of the house she was looking for: Doctor and Mrs. Riverton Hudson.

Copyright 2012 Shannon Muir. All rights reserved. Please feel free to link to this blog but do not reproduce this post without permission.

To see this saga involving two families in this town begin to unfold in the mid 1990s, read EVERYTHING CHANGES, the first book of the WILLOWBROOK SAGA available now!  For the story of Riverton Hudson’s niece and troubles faced in her own adult life after leaving Willowbrook, check out TOUCH THE STARS also available now for Kindle, NOOK, Smashwords,  and more.



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