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Not According to Plan February 20, 2012

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At the start of the year, I said I was going to experiment with a publishing calendar to try and keep me motivated. While things haven’t been too bad yet, nothing’s quite gone according to plan.

The first ebook I planned to release this year, an adaptation from a previously unproduced screenplay, still needs major revisions due to elements that did not translate well from being planned for the screen to a book. So that moved way down the calendar.

EVERYTHING CHANGES was next in line and it wasn’t so bad, it just moved a couple days because I got sick right as I came to the tail end of bringing that all together. The plan for that ebook was to release it January 31st but it came out February 3rd. This in turn moved the follow up from late April to early May in part because of how I plan to utilize the KDP Select window with THE WILLOWBROOK SAGA promotion.

Right now, the ebook I’m trying to wrap I started last year and put aside in favor of Willowbrook. I intend to make it available immediately to all platforms on initial release. The goal release date for the ebook is February 29th, but right now I am behind again because I have been weighed down by allergies and sinus trouble for days. This manuscript still needs some editing work, and I’m hoping all of that can be wrapped and shown to a few people in the next few days though – but right now, being sick still seems to have the upper hand. Thereby it might be March for this title.

The big issue here is to not beat myself up for not trying to stick to my goals. I think given my situation I’m doing the best I can. Other people might not be as responsible. I just feel like I’m letting others down as well as myself.

So if you haven’t seen me much on social media the last couple days, that’s why, because when you’re real life under the weather it is hard to be motivated to be sociable in any capacity.  Going to try and get some more rest and hopefully get back fully in the game soon.

Keep on going for your goal.



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