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NEW FEATURE Wisps of Writing Wisdom: Loss February 22, 2012

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Starting this week, Wednesdays (which in the Twittersphere also happen to be known as #WW or #WriterWednesday) are going to be turned into “Wisps of Writing Wisdom” (which by the way was the original name of this blog before I decided to consolidate my better known “Animated Insights” image into my single brand). I decided to use this catchy phrase because of the alliterative “W”s such as in Wednesday, and truthfully I liked it but had to go with streamlining the brand. Wednesdays will be used for various musings on any topic, that then can provide inspiration on writing and life.

I decided to give this a shot after the recommendation of several Facebook friends after they noticed a trend in some of my comments over there. This was the passage that triggered the discussion, originally posted February 13th on Facebook:


“Been gaming some for the last bit while also job searching, and thinking about life, and how we can take for granted seeing and hearing from folks and all of a sudden they’re gone. And this isn’t just about this weekend and Whitney. Called to set up a normal, annual exam at my GP’s office today and found a young woman answered the phone instead of the familiar, gentle older gentleman I’d come to know and care about. Apparently since I had to stop into the office for something last Oct and now he passed away. 😦 Treasure the people in your lives when you have them now, and don’t let petty things get in the way of what could be better things. Otherwise, when time passes by and it’s too late to mend anything, all you may find later is that you will live with eternal regret.”

From a writing perspective, loss of any kind is a very strong thematic place to come from. It may even be a scary point for a writer to come from, and inadvertently writers may put up defenses that keep a scene or entire work from being all that it can. I know it isn’t an easy subject for me.

The suggestions weighed toward a different blog for this kind of content, but right now I’m going to try it as a feature on this blog – where I think it can be relevant – to try and keep traffic focused. So there’s my Wisps of Writing Wisdom for this week, will bring you more next week.



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