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The Underdog Comes Out Ahead February 27, 2012

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Last night at the Academy Awards where the little gold statuettes got handed out for film, the top dog in several major categories was a lower budget movie that took a lot of major risks called THE ARTIST – even more remarkably than being a black and white film in a world of color, it is nearly completely silent. While not a true “indie” film by the industry definition, it still took many of the same risks that many “indie” films are noted for.  The people involved with the film told the story they wanted to, and while not finding blockbuster audiences, found the recognition for which they’d hoped and the knowledge their story resonated with the audience they wanted to reach.

A lot of talk with indie self-published books is about cracking the bestseller lists and how to compete with the “big guns”. It’s a valid goal, and one many want. But is it something that all of us should feel that we must aspire to to define success, or feel bad about ourselves if we fall short? No, it’s not. I know what I’ve put out to date  isn’t blockbuster material; if I felt it was, I would have gone finding ways to knock on the publishers doors the way film scripts are marketed to big studios. My released manuscripts are the equivalent of the small “indie” film with the niche audience where the people who put them together are “over the moon” if it ends up resonating with a large audience, where I’m the “Jill of all trades” making it happen.

If any of my books ended up doing in print the equivalent what happened for THE ARTIST last night, sure that would be great. First and foremost, though, it’s about enjoying what I do and telling the story I want to tell. I’m pretty happy with that.



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