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Making a List, Checking it Twice… March 26, 2012

Posted by shannonmuir in Advice, analysis.
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Yeah, I know, a title like that makes it seem like Christmas (and I wish it was a holiday season). Today’s post is actually inspired by grocery lists. Doesn’t there always seem like something gets forgotten,  or alternatively something that gets added either on impulse or remembered while one is at the store? I know I do this and I hear rumors others do as well. In today’s case I forgot something, and even though I live six blocks from the grocery store (actually several stores), when the item in question is something I need to cook dinner tonight that means because I didn’t doublecheck I had to walk all the way back and get it (as well as deciding to pick up a preboxed lunch in the process, now being too tired to make lunch when I got home on top of everything else I already did).

As I walked home, I started thinking about writers and checklists. Whether you’re a “pantser” or a “plotter,” every writer has some form of a checklist. I think it’s pretty apparent with plotters who go from outline to story to editing to getting published; the others start with story and move to editing ot getting published. The big question is, how much do we double – or even triple – check ourselves as writers before moving on to the next step? Sometimes it can feel so good to be done, or a deadline needs to met, that a writer can run on to the next stage without remembering to double check or just breezing through. I know I’m guilty of this sometimes. In the end, the person most hurt by writers not double checking their own writing lists are themselves.

Maybe I’ll unpack this more later once I can reflect on it some more. Right now I just want to settle down and eat that preboxed lunch.



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