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Tie-In Blog Posts April 30, 2012

Posted by shannonmuir in analysis, blog tour, guest blog, reviews, Writing.
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Recently I had the opportunity to review the cookbook Weeknights with Giada over at AmoXcalli, a blog where I’m currently doing a wide range of reviews as my time permits. I felt in order to fairly look at the book, I actually needed to attempt some recipes out of it. However, actually talking about working on the recipes in detail felt out of scope for am AmoXcalli review. So in talking with the person I work with on AmoXcalli, she also runs a cooking blog called Dona Lupe’s Kitchen. It seemed right to guest post there and talk more in detail about making the recipes.

It also occurs to me how effective this strategy is as an author. You can talk about your book from an angle you prefer and that no one else likely will cover on your own blog. Then, find other blogs where you can be featured and see if you can guest blog on the book’s topic, theme, characters, whatever, from a completely different angle. Combined they would provide a wealth of insight into the material, and bring fresh reason for people to visit all the other blog destinations instead of the same old tired interview twenty or more places.

It’s something I hope to be able to try with one of my own books in the near future.



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