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Success is Relative May 7, 2012

Posted by shannonmuir in analysis, Writing.
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Storytelling truly is two-way communication. Even if we as authors write down words and put them out there to share, they make no impact until someone – whether it be a single someone or army of someones – pick them up. Stories may or may not be interesting depending on the receiver’s frame of mind, and therefore vary in their levels of success. Yet what defines success? If an author truly told the story he or she wanted to tell but receivers don’t largely respond to it, yet the author’s goal isn’t quantity but quality, then that seems it should be a success. If an author seeks to have many respond to his or her work and people do, that seems it should be a success – even if many respond negatively, this could be considered a success depending both on the author and the type of responses. If the negative responses are for sloppy storytelling, then perhaps this is not a measure of success; but if the less-than-positive responses are because the author evokes emotions and feelings about the subject matter – even if not in the author’s favor – then perhaps this could be considered successful due to the ability to make an impact.

It’s all situational.



1. ameliaclaire92 - May 7, 2012

Love this! It’s so true. 🙂

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