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Deciding When Something Should Be Publicly Shared versus Privately Written June 25, 2012

Posted by shannonmuir in analysis, Willowbrook Novels, Willowbrook Saga, Writing.

Lately I’ve had some interesting struggles with self-censorship. When it has come to writing THE WILLOWBROOK SAGA, I had to figure out how to write around – or even omit – certain things because I didn’t think they were something appropriate enough for the “mainstream”. Then the whole FIFTY SHADES OF GREY thing happens and makes me reconsider what the “mainstream public” considers “acceptable” or not. Again, as I’ve said elsewhere, I don’t personally endorse a lot of what these characters do; part of the story is the whole aftereffects of what they do and why. There’s also a matter of tone where a book like FIFTY SHADES OF GREY is meant as an escapist read and my works are meant for deeper thinking (whether they succeed is another matter). I haven’t totally come to a conclusion but need to on some points as DOWN TO THE ROOTS needs to be finished by the end of July and June is almost over.



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