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DOWN TO THE ROOTS available as “First Draft Free” August 27, 2012

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DOWN TO THE ROOTS, the second book in THE WILLOWBROOK SAGA, is now available with its first draft free via Smashwords. I’ve edited pretty well but it still needs some tightening. As I say in my piece about it over on The Willowbrook Novels blog, it’s best thought of more like being able to get an ARC. With all the delays involved and how busy I know I’ll be this week, keeping my promise of making it available in August was very important to me. It might be Labor Day weekend before I release the final version to all markets at the regular price of $2.99 USD.

Next up for me is the continuation of the TRUTH REVEALED SERIES, which hasn’t been worked on in nearly a year but is my most downloaded in terms of samples and when it is available free. Because of the sliding WILLOWBROOK SAGA deadline, the deadline for Book 2 of TRUTH REVEALED (called ON THE SEARCH FOR TRUTH) has moved to the end of October 2012. That’s about a year since I began the first book. You can follow the latest on the TRUTH REVEALED SERIES site.

Book 3 of THE WILLOWBROOK SAGA, called FILL THE INNER CIRCLE, I plan to finish before the end of 2012 but not committing on an exact date yet.



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