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On The Search For Truth… and Writing October 1, 2012

Posted by shannonmuir in truth revealed, Writing.
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My apologies that my blog has been light on content for a bit. For the past 15 days, I have worked full days for 12 of them and part days for 2 of them. My only day off was last Saturday.
So you can imagine finding time to bring my next writing piece together – in this case the next book in the TRUTH REVEALED series – has been quite the challenge. But it is coming along. I’m almost 1/4 done with the first draft, and since parts of this are built  on retelling some scenes from the first book with new clues and insights, I feel it will move fast. Right now I’m still shooting for October 31st to be the availability date and I hope you are eager to find out more of what happens to Truth and Lye.  I do apologize it has been a year wait. HALF TRUTH AND FULL LYE remains one of my bestsellers and if you haven’t checked it out yet, it is at its permanent series introductory price of 99 cents at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, Kobo, Sony, Diesel E-Books and many other ebook retailers.
So get ready to go ON THE SEARCH FOR TRUTH at the end of October!



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