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Almost at the Finish Line… October 22, 2012

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Sounds like a phrase I should be using for NaNoWriMo, but that is next month. No, this is actually where things stand on ON THE SEARCH FOR TRUTH, the follow up to HALF TRUTH AND FULL LYE.
I am getting close to done but the situation is similar to when I was working on DOWN TO THE ROOTS (I am still at the same job but I am done at the end of October). I’ve ended up doing more work at my day job then I thought. So while the manuscript may be done it might be in need of a slight polish.

What I did for DOWN TO THE ROOTS worked all right as far as the free first draft promotion went; however due to timing doing that as a promotion will overlap my NaNoWriMo free work in progress promotion of THE PHOENIX BURNS. I will probably do a ON THE SEARCH FOR TRUTH appearing at Smashwords only for at 99 cents  with coupon event while THE PHOENIX BURNS will be the one for free, and also plan a similar sale coupon for THE PHOENIX RISES.  This way people who want to continue the TRUTH REVEALED story can but not have to pay full price while I work on the edits.
One thing I have learned this year is that it is really hard to promise release dates in advance when you self-publish and work full time when you work in an industry that isn’t of the 9 to 5 variety. I think if you have a steady “day job” it’s a bit more doable. I really need to figure out how to approach this for 2013. It might just be that I devote myself to making the next 4 Willowbrook titles (which mainly are in need of edits as the material largely comes from past NaNoWriMos) and the next book in TRUTH REVEALED all that is on my plate for 2013.

We shall see.



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