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Change of Plans October 30, 2012

Posted by shannonmuir in NaNoWriMo, the phoenix burns, truth revealed, Writing.
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Last time I wrote, even though I knew things were tight, I still planned to get ON THE SEARCH FOR TRUTH out by October 31st. Things seemed very much on target to do that. However, since that time several things converged:

1) My current contract job got extended to 11/16;

2) I ended up working far more than 40 hours a week (and I have a bit of a commute back and forth);

3) One of my two programming classes – which I committed to thinking the job would taper off and wind down – has proven a little more challenging than originally anticipated.
Between these three factors, even though I am so very close to the finish line, I am concerned what would come out by tomorrow would not be of the quality I’d like. I don’t mean just a few typos in it. I strongly feel I need to take another pass at manuscript cohesion, especially since the book is so dependent on a wide variety of flashback sequences while new material for the audience, tell the story out of sequence. I’ve really enjoyed writing this way; the key now is to get it right.
So here’s the plan. November is NaNoWriMo. I’ve committed to doing THE PHOENIX BURNS, and that I intend to stick to due to the fixed timetable for a first draft completion. I’ll finish tweaking ON THE SEARCH FOR TRUTH as time permits in November, with the hope of early December but if I get what needs doing done say in late November that could happen too. But, for now, expect December. FILL THE INNER CIRCLE, the next book in the WILLOWBROOK SAGA, only needs an edit pass and has always been targeted for late December. I’ll let you know if that slips, but for now I hope ON THE SEARCH FOR TRUTH is the last time I need to adjust a publication date promise.

Now on to my day job where I am doing quality assurance in other media. Quality is and always will be a big deal for me.

My hope is to bring you something worth waiting for. Thanks for being patient, and follow truthrevealedseries.com for the latest news.

– Shannon



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