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The Story Behind Discoverwords.com April 15, 2013

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Last week, I officially launched a blog devoted to information on bargain books, free books, limited time promotional books, and other book news called Discoverwords.com. A lot of this material used to be done in the early days on Infinite House of Books, which turns a year old this month. Most of it fell away except the limited time promo books as more and more blog tours with interviews have become the mainstay of Infinite House of Books.

This year I also took a class in User Experience where we needed to create a class project of developing a website. I didn’t want to develop for a website I didn’t at least own the URL to, so I went and found something generic enough for my needs but would fit my project. After many attempts, the fit I found was Discoverwords.com. Past the project, I had no idea what I would do with the URL, but I knew it was a real good find.

With the first anniversary of Infinite House of Books coming around, I began to see what had no longer been offered on the website and the reality being that the one site really couldn’t serve two audiences. As came clear during the User Experience research, some audiences just want to know the latest sales and bargains and don’t care as much in-depth about the authors or the creative process (sorry to say). While Infinite House of Books will continue to examining the relationships between writers and readers in depth, discoverwords.com will be the quick place to find out about bargain and free books plus news gleaned from press releases.

I will plug all my own bargain books and sales at discoverwords.com, but mainly as an example of what is possible. I invite any writer interested in using discoverwords.com to go to the site and read the guidelines. I’m always happy to support writers any way I can.

Now, back to my own writing.

2015 UPDATE: The Discover Words blog experiment for isolating excerpts and sales ultimately didn’t work out, and was further hampered by a major blog crash brought about by a PHP update that lost the information. As a result, Discover Words now focuses on news related to visual social media such as YouTube and Vine. INFINITE HOUSE OF BOOKS has returned to featuring all sorts of information about books, and I encourage you to visit both sites. Some DISCOVER WORDS  posts that were rescued via Wayback Machine that were more commentary in nature have been reconstructed on this blog for reference and noted accordingly.



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