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Breaking News… A New Voice in New Pulp! December 19, 2013

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About this time last year, I heard about an anthology idea being floated about by a company called Pro Se Productions. This company specializes in what has come to be known as “New Pulp” – either new stories on classic Pulp characters, or new characters told in the style and vein of the classic Pulp feel. I’d submitted to them in the past with ideas, and at this particular time I was drawn to a premise where the bible was created in house and writers were invited to pitch stories. The name of the anthology: NEWSHOUNDS. It featured a newspaper in the 1950s looking to expose injustice and taking heavy risks to do so. Given my background in English and mass media, I thought I’d at least take a stab at it, though I knew I’d need to do a lot of period research.

They liked my pitch but it turned out the story would be a struggle to get through. I went into it knowing I would have research challenges, which I’d planned. What I hadn’t planned was the passing of my father’s mother and how it would rock my concentration for months. I sincerely thank the staff of Pro Se Productions for their patience as I know I was slow turning in that first draft.

The wait was definitely worth it. NEWSHOUNDS is now available for sale at Amazon in print, as well as on Amazon for Kindle and on Smashwords. My story is one of three, along with writer J. Walt Layne, and the third by my collaborator on FLYING GLORY AND THE HOUNDS OF GLORY, Kevin Paul Shaw Broden (who also did the anthology cover).

So I’m excited to get to be part of the world of New Pulp at last, after seeing Kevin write works such as his piece in the anthology BLACK FEDORA and his independently published REVENGE OF THE MASKED GHOST. I loved writing these characters and I hope Pro Se Productions gives me the opportunity to revisit them again sometime. It was a lot of fun.



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