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Much New Writing on the Horizon for 2014 February 3, 2014

Posted by shannonmuir in Writing.
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One nice thing about doing LIVES REFLECTED is that it helped get me reinvigorated for producing material for 2014.

Expect items from THE WILLOWBROOK SAGA, THE HEART’S DUTY, and TRUTH REVEALED in 2014. One of the new stories for LIVES REFLECTED, combined with my exposure to researching time periods for my New Pulp debut last year with Pro Se Productions for NEWSHOUNDS, looks like it may result in an all-new title under the SPONTANEOUS CHOICES banner.

I’m also hoping more opportunities appear on the New Pulp and Genre Fiction front, as I look forward to honing the action writing that is already a must for animation into the world of prose. It’s also a fun mix of characters and situations to play with. Growth in this area, however, is currently dependent on works being accepted by outside publishers. If anything happens here, I’ll let you know as I can.

Hopefully the new year has brought writing renewal to other authors as well.

Find out about all my works at my website. Still trying to find background art I like, but the most up to date content is there.

Be patient and enjoy the writing ride for 2014. I’m looking forward to going on the adventure together!



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