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Change as Inspiration March 17, 2014

Posted by shannonmuir in Advice.
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Well, here I am, roughly two years after the last time I was unemployed. My contract unexpectedly ended at the start of March instead of May, bringing to a grinding halt a “day job” that I really loved doing.

I’ve been using the last couple weeks to really reflect on where I want to go next with my writing. Coincidentally, right around the same time the contract ended, I finally released my 2010 NaNoWriMo story FOR THE LOVE OF AIRAGOS (originally entitled THE PAPER TRAIL) as an ebook – available on Amazon, B&NApple and Smashwords so far.  The prior month saw the release of another long-awaited part of THE WILLOWBROOK SAGA,  a prequel called BY THE WILLOW BROOK (at Amazon, B&N, Apple, and Smashwords).

The real question for me now is where to go next. There are definitely more installments of THE WILLOWBROOK SAGA. Readers have waited for another installment for the TRUTH REVEALED series for some time now. Or do I try my hand at something new?

Of course, any paid gig will go above these. But if I’m not finding work and just at home while not job searching, which one will fuel my inspiration and creativity most? I guess it’s time to take advantage of the change and find out! Sometimes the unexpected can get the creative juices flowing by shaking up the routine and make one think in new directions and ways.



1. Gina (@Endestruction) - March 17, 2014

Change can be scary, but if we approach it the right way, change can often times, be an enlightening adventure. I believe everything happens for a reason and you are making the right move by taking advantage of some time away from the day job. As I approach the end of my own day job after almost a decade of working for the same people, I too, will use it to my own creative advantage. Writing takes up so much of our time and it would be nice to do it full time instead of waking up at 5am before the day job starts=) Thanks for sharing, Shannon, and best of luck with everything.

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