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I have no shortage of books to read around my house. This has nothing to do with reviewing – in fact, both Discoverwords and my sister site INFINITE HOUSE OF BOOKS moved to an interview only mode (except in extreme circumstances where it is a requirement for someone to agree to an interview) because my work schedule is so demanding. Yet that doesn’t change the fact I love to read.

My interests are very eclectic, from fantasy and science fiction to more literary fiction (and very partial to female leads across the board). Usually I end up moving between several books at once and just have to let my mood dictate. For example, the current science fiction series I’m reading has a well developed female lead (Honor Harrington in At All Costs) but at times densely packed military sequences that don’t work well for a quick pleasure read, to an ARC of a just now published book that I am eager to finish but don’t seem to be able to find the time (Cherry Money Baby) that has a much different tone. I also follow a book club, She Reads, and have often selected their choices to try as well and have yet to be disappointed – their latest as I write this was another ARC I picked up at Book America Expo (The Husband’s Secret) so I want to start that as well. So I usually just decide by what I feel I can handle that day. Some days it’s no reading at all, but on those days I’m usually writing.

I wonder how other lovers of books decide what to read. Discoverwords.com is always open for moderated comments. I’ve provided Goodreads links to all book titles if you want to see what I’m mentioning. Feel free to share and discuss!

NOTE: A slightly modified version of this post originally appeared at Discover Words. It is posted under the original post date.



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