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Discovering Things For Readers and Writers to Love… Where to Start? August 15, 2015

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Starting this quest to answer the question “What do Readers and Writers Love?” has been harder than I thought. It’s been difficult to find anything focused.

I’m wondering how people find out about things that they as readers and writers might love, that aren’t book recommendations.

Feel free to take the conversation to Twitter with the hashtag #readerswriterslove and I’ll share my thoughts here as I find them too!


Places to Hear My Reflections on Things August 14, 2015

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With the evolution of this blog, there seems to be a need to go over again where to find the best resources for my thoughts on various media:

1)  http://shannon-muir.com is my overall website to find out about all my writing genres.

2) Commentaries on the state of publishing (self-published and otherwise),  and connections between writer and reader will be here at this blog for the time being.

3) Thoughts and inspiration on finding your path in life in general, beyond just writing, are at the Tumblr http://www.ownyourowntale.com.

4)  Insights on animation across the board, as well as my career in general, will be at Shannon Muir’s Animated Insights.

5) Information about my genre fiction and new pulp work is at the Tumblr http://shannon-muir.net.

6) Information on my self-published series are at the following Tumblr sites: willowbrooksaga.com or spontaneouschoices.com.

7) The webcomic I co-write, FLYING GLORY AND THE HOUNDS OF GLORY,  is at http://www.flying-glory.com.

8) The craft of writing of all forms, and news on work not encompassing any area above,  can be found at my Tumblr muirwords.com.

9) News on my visual content for channels like YouTube and Vine is at the Tumblr http://www.discoverwords.com.

10) Interviews and excerpts from other authors books will appear at Infinite House of Books, since those areas are its focus. For highlights prior to 2015, visit the sister Tumblr site at http://www.infinitehouseofbooks.tumblr.com .


Thank you all for your continued support since 2000.

What Makes Writing More Enjoyable? August 10, 2015

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Doing research to bring added authenticity to a story can take writers on adventures and bring entire new experiences. The right kind of tools to capture research notes or even write parts of a first draft with may make all the difference.

But is there more? Are there other ways to make the act of creating more enjoyable for the author? I’m starting to delve more into thinking about these things and plan to share my insights here.

What Makes Reading More Enjoyable? August 9, 2015

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Clearly, a well-crafted tale keeps a reader engaged. However, other elements can pull a reader from an otherwise gripping tale. If the experience doesn’t happen in a comfortable environment, this may pose challenges for reading for extended periods. If someone uses e-readers or phones, battery power may affect the experience as well.


One of the things to do is to explore ways to make reading more comfortable, and find what works for you. Check a variety of sources for new insights and ideas. Whatever you do, enjoy!

PLACES TO ENJOY A BOOK August 23, 2013

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HONOR HARRINGTON book at Laundry

HONOR HARRINGTON book at Laundry


Recently I managed to complete a book it took me several years to finish. It took being at a laundromat where all I could do was focus on the book. I wonder what places people prefer to read.



The picture attached was an experiment in two ways. One, it was the first picture I took with Instagram – I know it’s a bit stretched out but I’m not sure how to compensate against the blog design. Also, in its original form, this one was the first post I attempted by mobile phone. It’s just too small an interface to do much effectively in. Going forward I need to make sure I take a larger mobile device when traveling.

NOTE: This post originally appeared on Discover Words and has been backdated accordingly.