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Do Writers Love Listening to Writing Improvement Materials While Doing Other Things? September 2, 2015

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DISCLAIMER: This piece was written using an audio book copy of THE AUTHOR MINDSET: A HOW TO REFERENCE ON BECOMING AN AUTHOR EVEN BEFORE YOU PUBLISH YOUR FIRST BOOK as provided by Novel Publicity via Audible. No other form of compensation, other than a free audio book, has been received. This information provided by the requirements of the Federal Trade Commission.

As a busy multi-tasking author, I wondered if I might find it easier to take in advice for how to improve my writing and author business while doing other things. When the opportunity arose to review an audiobook for THE AUTHOR MINDSET: A HOW TO REFERENCE ON BECOMING AN AUTHOR EVEN BEFORE YOU PUBLISH YOUR FIRST BOOKI saw it as an excellent venue to try to answer this very question.

I ended up splitting my listening of the 12 chapter audio book – downloaded on to my Android phone – into two sessions. The first half I listened to while a passenger on a several hour car trip. The second half I played while doing some exercising at home. With the narrator of this book (Craig Beck, and not text author Falcon Storm) being clear and easy to follow, yet with a voice that kept the listener engaged, I do feel I took in and retained the content while doing other activities.

As to the actual content of the audio book, a lot of it I knew from my own personal experience, but to hear the refreshers proved great. In particular, I found the chapter on social media quite interesting as it outlined the author’s thoughts in detail on the pros and cons of each platform; as someone with hands in nearly every one of them, it was interesting hear thoughts on some social channels and their effectiveness I hadn’t previously considered.

It would seem to me, particularly with refresher material, that writers listening to helpful materials – maybe even while writing – could be effective. I’d love to hear your thoughts, so get the the conversation going on twitter with #readerswriterslove as the hashtag.