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About Shannon Muir


SHANNON MUIR’s fiction is both to entertain as well as explore issues of the the human condition and female identity, primarily with female protagonists. The genres she focuses in include mystery, fantasy, science fiction, as well as thought-provoking stories in contemporary settings.

Her latest releases are “Tragic Like a Torch Song” in THE DAME DID IT from Pro Se Press, and the short story “Meeting the Monster” in the Emby Press anthology SUPERHERO MONSTER HUNTER: THE GOOD FIGHT. She also has genre fiction work with Pro Se Press including the Single Shot “Ghost of the Airwaves,” a New Pulp tale, preceded by her debut genre fiction story “Pretty as a Picture” in the anthology NEWSHOUNDS. From her personal self-published projects, New Adult focused series and collections books include THE PHOENIX COLLECTION (combining THE PHOENIX RISES and THE PHOENIX BURNS), THE WILLOWBROOK SAGA which begins with the prequel BY THE WILLOW BROOK and continues through EVERYTHING CHANGES, DOWN TO THE ROOTS and FILL THE INNER CIRCLE, as well as the TRUTH REVEALED series that starts with the prequel SEEDS OF TRUTH, followed by HALF TRUTH AND FULL LYE and continuing with ON THE SEARCH FOR TRUTH. She’s also author of THE HEART’S DUTY COLLECTION and FOR THE LOVE OF AIRAGOS. Anthologies of short fiction and poetry are LIVES REFLECTED, AT THE END OF INNOCENCE’S ROAD and SEARCH FOR A WOMAN. She’s also written textbooks based on her animation experience entitled GARDNER’S GUIDE TO WRITING AND PRODUCING ANIMATION and GARDNER’S GUIDE TO PITCHING AND SELLING ANIMATION. Also available is a book collecting all her full lyrics as well as the history of the FLYING GLORY AND THE HOUNDS OF GLORY webcomic over its first ten years, entitled FLYING GLORY FLASHBACK. Her first published story was in the anthology ARIA KALSAN: MYSTERIES OF THE FUTURE. She has also been co-writing and providing all of the in-story lyrics for the webcomic FLYING GLORY AND THE HOUNDS OF GLORY since it debuted in 2001.

She’s also worked in and around the animation industry for almost two decades, including well-known shows as INVADER ZIM and EXTREME GHOSTBUSTERS.



Let’s Voltron (2015) (Part 1) (Part 2), appears as part of a panel discussion on Voltron: The Third Dimension and also discusses in depth how the intellectual property launched her interest in her field in the 1980s and continued to play a critical role in her involvement in animation at the time of the making of Voltron: The Third Dimension.

Catch Da Craze (2007), interview about Gardner’s Guide to Writing and Production.

Panel Discussions

LosCon (2009), Panelist on “25 Years of Voltron,” “How Anime Influenced Western Culture,” “Webcomics,” “Writing Workshops”.

JemCon (2008), Panelist on “Animation from Concept to Production”.

Anime Los Angeles (2008), Panelist on “Animation Writing and Production” with Craig Miller.

Pacific Media Expo (2007), Panelist on “Producing ADR vs. Original Animation”.

Comic-Con International-San Diego (2007), Moderator for ” The Animation Production Process” with Stephanie Graziano, Tad Stones, and Greg Weisman.

Wondercon (2007), Moderator for “The Animation Production Process” with Adam Beechen, Stan Berkowitz, Dwayne McDuffie, and Greg Weisman.

Gathering of the Gargoyles (2005), Panelist on “From Fan to Professional” and “Web Comics”.

Popular Culture Association of America -American Culture Association (2004), “Learning With Disney: Examining Walt Disney Studios as a Driving Force in Early Animated Educational Films” at the National Conference on March 25th, 2004 in San Diego, CA.

Comic-Con International-San Diego (2001), appeared as part of “Animation Roundtable” with Jerry Beck, Craig Miller, and Russell Calabrese on Thursday, July 19st at 4PM.  Also, panelist on “Classic Animation vs. Modern Animation,” with Jerry Beck, Craig Miller, Michael Mallory, Bill Morrison, and Ric Meyers on Friday, July 20th at 4PM.

Gathering of the Gargoyles (2001), panelist on “From Fan to Professional.”  Fellow guests included fiction write Christine Morgan, Meredith Patterson and Rashaan Footman, along with artists Aimee Major and Karine Charlebois.

Comic-Con International-San Diego (2000), moderated Con-sponsored panel “Breaking and Entering – Careers in Animation.” Panelists included writer/producers Craig Miller and Marv Wolfman, writer/Story Editors Bob Skir and Stan Berkowitz, and artist Bob Miller.




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